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Connecting after Fridays + bookmap

I’d get this prompt when im trying to load Bookmap after Fridays.
I’m not opening bookmap any different from other days.
Is this normal? any ways around it?26-09-2020 12-17-51 PM

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Hello @zorannn,

Thanks for your patience regarding a response.

The screenshot you have posted and the issue you have described seem to be two entirely different issues.

The screenshot you have provided seems to be an issue with concurrent connections. I would assume based on this image that you attempted to use R Trader Pro and Bookmap at the same time without the use of the R Trader Pro plugin as shown in this video:

You can only have one active connection at a time on Rithmic by default. If you do not use the plugin feature as shown in the video above, you will automatically be kicked out of R Trader Pro if you attempt to open Bookmap.

That being said, the issue you described in your post seems to be the result of no data coming in during the market close. Periodically this will happen on our platform, Optimus Flow, as well. If you attempt to access Rithmic while the market is closed, you may not connect as expected.

Feel free to elaborate on the issue you are having and the image you have posted so we have a better understanding of where the issue is actually coming from!

Optimus Futures :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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