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Connecting to Specific Rithmic Servers


Hi. I am currently using Rithmic data feeds and have been using Ninja Trader. However, since I live in Asia, I don’t know if it is possible to be able to connect to Rithmic’s Singapore servers using MarketDelta. This is not currently possible with NinjaTrader 7. Is this possible?


I emailed MarketDelta directly a while ago. Here is the response:

“The connection with MarketDelta Trader is automatic. It should connect to the closet Rithmic server in the geographic location it was installed. I suggest getting a Paper Trading Login of Rithmic to be used with MarketDelta Trader to test to see if a low latency connection can be established in your area.”

So a good way would be to try it out if what they say is true.


After testing it. Looks like MarketDelta does not actually connect automatically to the nearest gateway. It still depends on the Rithmic API to connect to the nearest gateway which I think is not the case really. So this is not good to hear but it is currently a limitation.


I was not sure how an API recognizes automatically a region. I think a software should give you a region to choose and then the Rithmic API is direct there. MarketDelta has a good team, and see if they could make adoptations to the Singapore exchange.
I know that we had a customer in the Czech republic (He used SierraChart) and his API was redirected via Europe, so they may be an options. But, they don’t have a free version.


thanks Matt. i sent a request to MarketDelta for a request to add a way to connect to a specific gateway if connecting via Rithmic. i’ll just hope they consider it.


Sadly, request was not even listed for future development plans. How can a trading platform disregard user inputs? It’s just illogical I believe because if you are selling a trading platform with main focus on DOM and order flow, then latency should be minimized. For asian scalpers, we would be losing some edge because if latency issues.


I believe that it is not because they ignore it, rather that might not be on the list of priorities. Software integration are costly and time consuming and it may be other requests to accommodate existing customers are taking a priority. On the other hand it maybe that Market Delta does not have enough customers in Asia who are scalpers to justify such development at the moment.

Market Delta is a small group and so far having been very good to work with, I hope that in the future they would be able to have this full integration to Rithmic.


Rithmic is no longer a supported data feed for any MarketDelta Product. MD’s products rely 100% on CQG data and trading capability.