Considering Trade Navigator

I have been trading with a different program for a few years but everyone is raving about Trade Navigator so I’m considering giving it a try. There are few things I’d like to know before committing to a change. When it comes to searching for symbols, what are my search options? Can I search by name or description?

Hi. Yes you can search by: ‘symbol begins with’; ‘description begins with’; and ‘contains’

@davidfutures thanks for helping!

Thank you! Also, I’m trying to customize my charts and was informed that I can attach indicators to other indicators to do this. Can you show me how?

Attaching indicators to other indicators is a good way to customize charts because it allows you to define the basis of the indicator instead of just using the general price basis. You can explore the options by opening the Edit Chart Settings menu. First select which indicator you want to attach another indicator to and click. You will then locate the Add option at the bottom left side of the box. Select Add Indicator and then select Add New Indicator to Selected Indicator. Now you will select and click on the indicator you wish to add and click the Add button.