Copy trading feature on Optimus Flow?

I understand that Optimus Flow is based on full-featured Quantower. Is there any plan to include copy trading function, which is offered on Quantower for both free and paid versions?

Hi @primo This is a very good question. We will add that on the next upgrade.
May I ask how you intend to use copy trading? We just wanted to gather ideas to potentially build on this feature.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

It’s just that I’m thinking about opening multiple accounts. For whatever reason, I seem to do better, for example, if I trade two $25000 accounts with one account on copy, instead of one $50,000 account. It’s psychological but it is psychologically easier for me, less pressure to make outsized gains in one large account.

Also, a function that if I trade 1 MNQ in one smaller account it gets copied to another, larger account as trading NQ would be nice.

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If it helps you psychologically, we fully understand.

Also, if you are okay with answering, we occasionally receive requests to copy from demo to real accounts. Is there any particular reason for this? We are trying to understand how to assist customers requiring such services.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hello, I hoped i would see a development by now but no updates yet. To Follow up on the previous ones it was to get a service that allows cross-copy trading ( allowing to trade mini to Micro or vice versa) as of my recollection other independent copiers such as Replicano or Apex Copier Only allow crosses if you choose your main account as a SIM or demo. I am unaware of the nuances of why such development but I believe that’s what he was mentioning. Sierra Charts and Quanttower both have inbuilt trade copiers and are a lot more robust and give less breakage ( trades not closed or multiple testing orders alive) and better fills in a high Voulme/News time.

Hello @Daud_Frotan,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Optimus community forum!

I just wanted to confirm that our trade copier feature that we mentioned in this thread has been released in our beta mode. Here is a video that shows this feature in action using multiple accounts:

We appreciate your feedback as to why certain traders may look for a feature like this as well.

Feel free to take a look at the video above to see this feature can be used and we hope you find this helpful.

Optimus Futures Support