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Copying the user directory

I installed the AT on my PC as well as on a notebook. The installation directory is identical on both and corresponds to the default setting:
C:\Program Files\Agena Trader

User directory and Data directory are separate, but have been renamed and are also located on the PC on a separate partition (data disk E:), on the NB in a separate data directory (data NBDell). I backup both separately on a regular basis.
User directory and data directory for PC and NL in detail:

E:\A TRADER\Documents\Agena Trader
E:\A TRADER\App Data\Local\Agena Trader

C:\Data NBDell\A TRADER\Documents\Agena Trader
C:\Data NBDell\A TRADER\App Data\Local\Agena Trader

Can there be problems when I store AT to a secure stick, via Main ->Backup and
on the notebook, via Main->Restore and vice versa from the NL and on the PC? Does the location or designation of the user and data directories have any consequence in these processes? Or do I have to create a new Partition E: on the notebook to make the directory structure absolutely identical?

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Hi, I am also new to this forum and have been looking into something similar itunes gift card codes that always work. Though the User directory and Data Directory are separate but they are renamed to this.

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@Bert001 and @jaygummers Welcome to our community forum.
We hope that @AgenaTrader tech support will resolve this shortly.
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Matt Z
Optimus Futures

If you have installed AgenaTrader on 2 different computers, it is no problem to carry the user directory on a stick from one computer to another.

Proceed as follows

  1. You exit AT at the PC.
  2. Copy the User-Dir to the stick.
  3. On the notebook copy the user directory from the stick into the directory which you have entered in the config escort.
  4. Then you can start AT on the NoteBook.

If you want to transfer the data from the NoteBook to your PC again, simply take the opposite route.
The path to the UserDirectoy can be different on both computers.

You do not need to copy the App-Data directory.

However, if you trust your stick, you can also use the stick as the main UserDirectory storage.
i.e. both the PC and the NoteBook point in the ConfigEscort to the same user directory on the stick.

see attachment:

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Additional comment - we are planning to offer to our users, to store the User-Directory into the cloud, that it is accessible from wherever you have installed AT.

Which means, that AT is running on the computer, but gets access to the user data at a central storage.

But this is just in planning currently and we need to finish Options-trading before, to be able to start this project.

Amazing news guys, I would love to have access to a cloud ( I already have AT on my computer and I guess I’ll get it on my laptop very soon! So, let’s get see what happens.

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yes will be a great feature - but will take some more time - I guess this will be available by the end of this summer.