COT Data on Trade Navigator

I use Trade Navigator for online day trading.
I know using COT data will give me an added advantage in trading by giving an accurate reading of the market on both commercial and speculator positions. So I would like to know how to enable and view COT data on Trade Navigator?


As far as I know, you need to ask Genesis Trade Navigator to enable the COT (Commitment of Traders) as an add to your standard package.

On the technical side: On the upper left corner you have the chart window, which you set to an end-of-day timeframe like weekly or daily and not on ‘intraday’. To update, you right click on the chart and select ‘get additional history’. Then click ‘update’ on the upper right corner and select the ‘download special file’ option. Now type here the command sent in your mail, which is “consent” and hit ‘start’. You COT data will be updated. To view it you go to Add Chart button on top and then go to ‘studies’. There you select the 2 COT indicators, COT sentiments and COT net positions, and click ‘add’. Then you can view the COT data on your chart window.

From what I conclude there will be an extra charge for the cot. I saw a presentation with the cot charts on it and assumed it was a part of the package. Its no big deal if it’s not pricy. Do I continue asking questions about the software here?

In order to keep the flow of this forum technically, I would appreciate if you would start a new thread unless it is related to cot/trade nav.

Hi Anna. What I did, without extra data charges, was:
Click on ‘Update’ (telephone top left);
Click ‘Data Types’
Select ‘COT’ bottom of list.

Use COT with longer timeframes.


David, thank you for this update. I always thought that COT was part of the Gold package, and not standard.

I think I only have silver package Matt.