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CQG Continuum data feed into Investor RT


Is access to the Continuum datafeed automatically enabled for IRT, once someone has access to QTrader?

I know on Rithmic I was able to feed IRT once I had their platform credentials. Is CQG similar or is their datafeed a separate product?

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Yes, for the most part the CQG data feed will essentially allow you to plug in your live data feed credentials to any platform that accepts CQG as a data feed.

For Investor/RT specifically, you’ll need to configure this when you initially launch the platform for the first time or reconfigure your data feed through the Data > Configure Data Source and Brokerage option at the top of the page if you have previously set up another data feed on this platform.

Take a look at the link below on how to get started with this process, we used the CQG data feed in our example:

If you need help with this process i’d be more than happy to remotely set this up for you.

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Just to be clear, A single set of credentials from CQG will let me run both QTrader and IRT simultaneously off the same datafeed?

I know Rithmic works that way, but for some reason thought CQG needed two separate credentials?


You can not have a concurrent login using CQG for both QTrader and IRT, but you can use them one at a time for each platform. If you wish to login concurrently to your account, we can provide separate CQG credentials that would allow you to do that. However, each set of credentials incur exchange fees.

Rithmic allows the same credentials to be extended to both R Trader and IRT.

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Matt Z
Optimus Futures