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CQG Delayed Data - eSignal


I am looking for a solution to execute trades with CQG and delayed data (I have another data feed so I do not need another one). Anyone has suggestions of possibilities and costs?

Also, I have eSignal classic as a backup and apparently I can use it to trade. Does anyone know what are the costs with this?



Hello @GTann
CQG does not have delayed data, as far as we know, for a reduced price.

Esiganl only provides their own data for charting, but it is not data that you can execute on. You would need an additional data that you need to use to execute the trades. Esiganl uses CQG and Rithmic.
Rithmic does offer Top of Book for CME which could save on exchange data. Top of Book for the entire CME is three dollars. Keep in mind that the exchange has to offer top of the book. CME offers it and ICE does not.

While we understand that you wish to save funds, we also want to emphasize that we do not recommend to have delayed data on your trading platform, because this will not allow you to look at your risk management in real time. You always want to see where you stand in terms of equity and risk.

Thank you,
Optimus Trading Support


What about just sending orders through Esignal?
Or is there a solution to just send orders? I need live data not only for CME but for ICE also.

I run risk realtime via an excel spreadsheet so I do not need more risk management from the platform which is in general not accurate anyway…


CTS offers the ability to trade off delayed data.


Is it possible to route an order with the rithmic api and no live market data?


Esiganl utilizes CQG and Rithmic for execution. They both offer ICE and CME. But again, Esiganl is the data vendors for their products. There is no way around their data as far as know. CQG and Rithmic data are used on their platform for execution only. We find both reliable for execution and risk management purposes.


Upon Talking to Rithmic we have found out that you can route an order to ICE without market data.


That is correct. CTS does offer it. They offer a 10-minute delay.


Yes, it is possible. Use the data from Esignal and execute via Rithmic on the same platform.


Ok I will try this then. Sounds like a good option. Thank you for checking.
The top of the book for CME is good too. Only problem is ICE data fees which are quite high…


You welcome. ICE data are high but since you are already getting them you can send orders via delayed data on CTS or Rithmic. Glad we could be of help.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Is it possible to get a paper trading account with rithmic to test this functionality?


Yes, you can have a demo with Rithmic. Here is the page:

The username and password you will receive can be used with Esiganl if they have a Rithmic Paper Trading option on their platform. Rithmic provides 30 days of demo each 12 months, so if you used it before you may not be able to reuse it.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures