CQG Desktop Update 3.6 Live

As of 9/21/2018, CQG Desktop will be updated to version 3.6.

There are several new features that have been added along with this update. Listed below is the assortment of new features that have been added in version 3.6:


  • Added new Spreadsheet Trader.
  • Drag and drop to modify orders in the HOT.
  • Account widget has been split into separate widgets: ones that show a single account and ones that show several or all accounts.
  • Added icebergs to the Order Ticket.


  • Added overbought and oversold parameters to RSI study.


  • Improved workflow for creating a new list when opening a quotes widget.


  • Updated preferences ordering and style.
  • Added ability to customize abbreviations for pages.

The most notable feature of update 3.6 is the addition of the new widget, the Spreadsheet Trader.

The Spreadsheet Trader is an all-in-one window for those wanting to see quotes and market data as well as trade multiple instruments.

  • Easily populate the Spreadsheet Trader using lists, or adding indiidual symbols.
  • Add columns using “Manage columns…” in the task menu like QSS.
  • Show depth of market by expanding a symbol row. Increase and decrease the number of visible prices using the +/- buttons.
  • Set order size in the order size column.
  • Set duration and stop type in the toolbar.
  • Place orders by clicking on the Buy/Sell buttons OR drag and drop a price to the Buy/Sell columns.
  • Place stop orders by using the buttons or drag and drop.
  • Drag and drop orders to modify price.
  • Double-click stacked orders. Drag from the stacked order popup to modify and order to a different price.

Take a glance at the video below for a tutorial on how to get started with the Spreadsheet Trader.

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