CQG for iPhone: Server-side Bracket Orders

Server-side bracket orders are now available in CQG for iPhone! You can place trades on the iPhone, and switch apps or put your phone in your pocket, knowing that your trade is protected.
https://gallery.mailchimp.com/ca7b9eaf4ee84df4409249d22/images/8543b29b-0c02-4a72-8deb-2f30168d08e3.png](‎CQG on the App Store)
Bracket orders are baked right into the confirmation screen on the CQG for iOS app, on by default. Toggle the target profit and stop loss order settings independently. The OCO orders get triggered once the original order is filled automatically without any additional interaction or having to be logged in.

**Note:**CQG for iPhone is the first CQG app to utilize server-side bracket orders. The feature is not yet available in our other products. Brackets orders placed on the iPhone will appear but cannot be modified from CQG IC/QTrader. Bracket orders place from the iPhone can be canceled from CQG IC/QTrader. We will let you know when full server-side bracket orders are available in our other products.

More Info and More Symbols on the Quoteboard

In this release, CQG updated the quote board to show more symbols and three columns of data. There are two modes:

  • net change, % net change, open, last, high, low
  • net change, % net change, last, settlement, ask, bid

Toggle between the two modes by tapping on the far right column.

If you wish to establish an account using the CQG iPhone, please contact us: General@optimusfutures.com or call us at 800 771 6748 International 561 367 8686

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