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CQG Web and Mobile vs. MT5



Considering I am a Mac user and will only use web and mobile trading platforms, which futures platform is better ? CQG or MT5

Thank you.


@Okcularay Thank you for your question. Would you mind sharing with us what is essential for you to when it comes to the features of the web-based platform? Please list your preferences, and we will try to provide an objective opinion so you can choose the one that fits your most in terms of futures trading.

Kind regards.
Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support


Hi Matt,

I know I have limited options as a Mac user. I already tried ibroker but I could not put a stoploss to a limit order so I started to look for another platform. I am already familiar with MT5 from forex trading but surprisingly only one FCM is supporting it for futures. CQG seems to be used more and it has web and mobile interfaces (although web interface is a bit complicated on Mac).

In web and mobile trading I should be able to make technical analysis, see online prices and give bracket orders (putting stoploss or take profit on an existing order or on a limit order). I do not need algo trading. I also do not need Depth of Market (being able to see live bid ask prices is enough).

Thank you in advance.



Based off of the features you have requested, we would suggest CQG desktop for mobile trading. CQG Desktop is very user friendly and can be easily optimized for mobile phones in just a few steps. Below is an article showing the few steps it takes to optimize the platform for mobile trading.

You have also stressed that bracket orders are important for you. CQG has very recently implemented server side bracket orders into their platform. Because the orders are working on the server, if you exit CQG Desktop, your orders continue to work as expected. This is always a helpful feature especially when trading on mobile devices and there is a potential loss of connection at any time. Take a look at the video we created for an example of how to place bracket orders on the platform.

Finally, you have also mentioned that you require technical analysis. CQG Desktop provides users with many default studies and objects that can assist in the process of technical analysis, even on mobile devices.

If you’d like to try a free demo of CQG Desktop, you’re more than welcome to sign up on the following page:

If you’re interested in opening an account at Optimus Futures you’re always welcome to give us a call, send us an email, or fill out an application form here:

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Optimus Futures Support


Thank you for your answer. However you can do all of these via MT5 too. What is the disadvantage of MT5 compared to CQG platform ?


We respect your question, but we truly do not want to pin one platform against the other since we have users on both. All we can do is compare features. The Reason we chose to focus on CQG Desktop was because you were concerned that MT5 for futures is only available through one supplier only.

Again, we can only point as to features and see if one platform is lacking it or not. We have no problem being honest about one what one futures trading platform has or not.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support