Creating an alternative to funded trading sites, ODTE options and speculation. Legit curious of your opinions?

So not trying to promote anything but am genuinely curious if the day trading Optimus crowd will take to this. I’ve been a trader the last almost 7 years (focusing now primarily on equity futures) but my solopreneur mindset is taking me on an added trajectory as of late.

A very basic platform to allow traders to engage in a tournament style competition to wager a fixed amount on where they think a provided stock will close out by the end of the session. Right now I am setting up a platform for 1v1 and 5 player free-for-all. Its been on my mind off and on the last 2 years to go for it. So yea, I’m going for it.

The site hasn’t launched yet (probably 2 weeks). What are your alls thoughts? Genuinely curious on ideas I could potentially utilize from the trading community. If you have any questions just reach out. Appreciate you all

I think you are building a gambling site. This would require you to get licensed as one.
You should consult with someone with the proper legal background before you launch this.

Please do not link your site to this thread. We can not promote external links like that.

I hope this helps.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures