Dangerous "Local" Stop Loss may be costly

I was warned that the stop loss in the Optimus Futures trading platform can be stored locally - on the trader’s computer, but not on the server side. So if the trader closes the application or the Internet goes down, there will be a loss of a thousands dollars, because Stop Loss will not be executed in time. Really? Any ideas how to deal with such a dangerous situation?

Hello @Novice,

By default, all orders on Optimus Flow are stored server-side and reside on the user’s respective data feed’s server.

Within our “Placing Strategy” section of our side bar order entry panel of charts and DOM, traders can select the “Local SL/TP” option to have stop loss and take profit orders locally.


As you can see, a message will prompt for the user letting them know the implications of choosing this feature.


Such behavior leads to some important notices and limitations that users should understand before use of Local closing orders:

We insist that you read, practice, and understand how the Local closing orders work before using them for live trading.

Local SL/TP orders exist and are managed on the platform side (“on your machine”).

When you close the platform, it will permanently delete ALL Local SL/TP orders .

When your platform loses connection, it will permanently delete all Local SL/TP orders related to this connection , and you won’t be able to restore them after reconnecting.

Please, do not use Reverse and Breakeven buttons with orders and positions containing Local SL/TP orders to avoid unexpected behavior.

While the trader can use the functionality of the Local orders with connections that support SL/TP orders natively, we strongly recommend avoiding mixing them . The platform will show a warning message each time you try to use both simultaneously.

By default, if you do not edit this setting, all orders will be held on the server.

Optimus Futures Support