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Data feeds for Investor RT


I am trying out the data feed for Investor RT the though your demo, and I appreciate the speed and accuracy of what Optimus Futures provide. However, when I started, it was recommended by one of your rivals to use two data feeds. Is there any advantage to two data feeds? If you can remain objective, it would be highly appreciated.


This is actually a topic we are asked quite often, and we are always objective as far as our solutions. We assume that the person who set you up initially had in mind that you will have one data for quotes and charting and another for execution.

Sometimes the data for execution could be lacking in the unfiltered details for the Bid-Offer data. Therefore, some users resort to solutions such as DTN/IQ for their data of the DOM, Graphs and Charting while leaving the execution to Rithmic, CQG or OEC data.

The demo you are trying from our web pages for IRT is automatically hooked up to Rithmic data. This is both execution data and will fill the data for your other functions mentioned above.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support


I am new to volume analysis, could you please tell me how do I determine the accuracy of data?How do I know which one is better? Thank you for the above reply.


We can only go by the feedback from our customers who utilize DTN/IQ and Rithmic in their analysis. In our opinion, both are impressed as they used other data feeds in the past. We have customers who use DTN/IQ on some platforms besides IRT, and again we received positive feedback for their data. Some use Rithmic/CQG/OEC only for execution.

There are advantages to having a backup data like DTN because if the data for your execution falls, you still receive data from the exchnages, although this happens infrequently. Additionally, data feeds like DTN also offer additional benefits like accurate market internals that other execution data feeds do not. This includes TICK, TRIN, etc. that many trades use as part of their evaluation.

In our opinion, it all boils down to your budget and the requirement of your method.
We hope to earn your business in Optimus if you like the execution solutions we offer.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support


In case I decide to move forward, what is the process.


Here is the link:
Please email us at in order to help you select a clearing firm.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures Support