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Experiencing data latency today. It was fine seconds before US open. 11,000ms is the average and I watched it shoot up to 40,000ms. It’s been 20 minutes since open and still doing it. Ping was 30ms prior to open.

Is this all NFP or something going on with the data feed in the demo?

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It’s back to normal. Not sure if it’s the demo data feed in general or a result of NFP. I’ll find out Monday.

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Hi @Darza,

Thank you for your post.

Would you mind letting us know your general location?

This has been brought to our attention recently by some users, typically in Europe or the UK. This is something that we have started to look into.

Thank you again for your post. Feel free to let us know your general location and whether or not you observe this behavior again.

Optimus Futures

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I am in Wisconsin.

Right now it’s fine, but it’s Friday and almost session close. I’ll let you know if it happens again on Monday.

Good morning.

It is happening again. Upwards of 12000ms.

did you ever get this figured out? i’m seeing the same thing on demo, except mine fluctuates between 9000ms and 15000ms… Ninjatrader and TOS are fine…

Hello @insoolated,

Welcome to the Optimus Futures community forum and thanks for your question.

We do still have reports that latency warnings are continuing to populate for some users. The latency issues our demo users are encountering seem to be strongly correlated with their distance from Chicago where the server is located along with volatile market periods.

We have been in communication with our data provider and are still investigating this.

If you would like to try a demo from another data feed provider we work with, which will likely resolve your latency issues, please send us an email at: and we can provide you with a demo from another data source for you to test the latency with.

Thank you again for your post, feel free to reach out to our support team for a different demo feed, and we will keep this post up to date with further status updates.

Optimus Futures Support

I am currently getting the latency message on Rithmic, was not sure if it is just because I am currently on demo?

Hi @STB,

In my opinion, I don’t think this latency is occurring just because you are using a demo.

There are a number of things that could contribute to latency such as other platforms running, downloading files, background Windows updates, or even things such as too many people connected to your wifi.

If you are noticing this often, there is a setting to enable aggregated data which could limit how much bandwidth is being used and potentially improve your current ping/latency.

Try disconnecting from Rithmic and access 1. Connection settings:

Once connection settings are open, enable 2. Aggregated market data and try reconnecting.

Lets see if this improves things, I would also consider how many charts/DOMs you have open. If you have unused charts that are open running in the background, try to close them to limit data consumption.

I hope this helps,
Optimus Futures Support