Day Trading Margin required for initiating positions in Globex session

I understand the day trading margin is $500 for opening a position on the ES in the 9:30-4PM EST, but if I opened a brand new position after 6PM EST (not holding over) is it still $500? or is it higher for the Globex session to open and close positions in the overnight? I don’t have an account yet but looking to open an account - the problem for me is I can only trade the night session after 6PM due to work and would need the margin rate to be $500 to do so. Thanks.

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@dvallieres, thanks for reaching out about your margin requirements. As a general guideline, the day trading session runs from 6 PM EDT until 4:45 PM EDT the following day.

I’d suggest giving our team a call to discuss your specific circumstances.
That way, we can provide tailored guidance to meet your needs accurately.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


P.S. Margin requirements are subject to change at any time based on market dynamics, news reports and risk assessments.

Ok thanks - what’s the number to call for your team? I’ll give them a call.

Here is the contact page:


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