Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time starts for us here in Chicago on Sunday, March 13th*. *We will be setting our clocks ahead one hour early Sunday morning March 13th.

All trading schedules will be on Central Daylight Saving Time beginning with the evening electronic trading sessions on Sunday night March 13th. Thank you.

Please note:* Daylight Saving and British Summer time in the UK and Continental Europe starts on Sunday March 27th, therefore, the following ICE Futures US contracts will have different trading times from Mon, March 14th through Friday, March 25th. See below:*

ICE Futures US (March 14-March 25)
Sugar No. 11 will open at 3:30am. Coffee C contracts will open at 4:15am.
Cocoa contracts will open at 4:45am (all times are Chicago time).

Thank you

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