Demo Allowance Exceeded


I have requested to set up a demo account to test the platform and my strategies, with free Multicharts level 1 Rithmic data.

I have been redirected by your support team to open a Demo account via this link, Free MultiCharts Platform, Strategy Back Testing and Automated Trading

Upon submitting my details, I have been receiving the following message from CQG

**"Thank you for your interest in a free real-time futures data trial. **

Data trials are limited and you have exceeded your allowance. Please contact your broker if you have any questions.

This is a system generated message, so any replies will not be received."

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We apologize that you are having these issues. CQG controls their demos and as such we can not override it. As an FYI, as far as we know data providers are only allowed to give 30 days per year of demos. So if you used CQG API regardless of front-end platform, they count the period.

Please try Rithmic with Sierra: Sierra Chart Free Demo | Teton Order Routing | Optimus Futures or OEC:

We hope this could help as well.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures Support