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DLL Import is not enabled?



I have found an indicator online that I would like to apply to one of my charts on MT5. I follow the process and when I finally apply the indicator to the chart, I am prompted with the message on my chart: DLL Import is not enabled. Please allow DLL import in the settings.

I am confused because when I applied the indicator I have checked the Allow DLL imports (potentially dangerous, enable only for trusted applications) box as I have shown in the picture below.


Can you please help me, thanks!


This is the message I see on my chart.




Although not entirely clear based off the message in the chart, there are actually two locations within the MT5 platform where users are required to enable the Allow DLL Import Setting.

1. Close out the chart you currently have opened.

2. Head over to Tools > Options


3. In the Options Window left click the Expert Advisors tab.

4. Then enable the Allow DLL Imports setting.


5. Once the setting has been activated, I would advise you to restart your platform.

6. Now open the chart you would like to apply an indicator to and repeat the same process as you have done before. Make sure you enable the Allow DLL Imports setting in the indicator settings window, as you will need to activate the feature in both the Options settings and the Indicator settings.

7. Once all the appropriate settings have been selected, apply the indicator to your chart and your indicator should now be good to go.

If you are still experiencing this issue after enabling DLL imports please let us know and we will evaluate the issue further.


Optimus Futures Support


Awesome. Thanks for your help!