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Do You Recognize Exchange Traded Spreads?


I’m considering Optimus Futures for spread trading. in fact, I do not do any inter-exchange spreads, all intra-exchange. Currently with another futures broker and they do offer reduced margin on exchange recognized spreads.

The issues I am having is the ability to leg in and out while also monitoring his via my phone. Before we go through the route of your trading platforms that may offer this, does your back-office margin and risk recognize spreads?


Hello @BStill, We do recognize exchange traded spreads on Futures and Commodities. Our clearing firms go by what the exchanges require for overnight positions. You can use CQG, Rithmic or CTS-T4 for spread trading and all include exchange-traded spread symbols.

As far as mobile solutions: We can provide downloadable, web-based, and mobile solutions that would work with the data feeds we have mentioned above. In fact, in many instances, we can provide a username and password that could work on all three at the same time.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures