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DOM and Time and Sales


As stated on a Rithmic related post I would just like to lay out what is incomplet at the current stage on the DOM and Time and Sales of your platform:


  • Resizing of columns gets reset after restart of the platform so that every dom has to be readjusted afterwards
  • no dynamic autocentering of DOM, only static which doesnt allow to follow the tick pace or none
  • no option to show aggregated orders from CME on LTQ (currently only Raw)

Time and Sales:

  • no option to increase label size so that it is too tinny on 4k screens to be readable
    – no option to show aggregated orders from CME on the Time and Sales


  • option to highlight specific orders with a different label size on the time and sales
  • option to show LTQ values on the time and sales
  • replacing the buy and sell columns by only one column to save space in the width
  • option to show VWAP on the DOM
  • option to change the refresh rate on the time and sales just like on the DOM


Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

I will present these to our developers for future updates/bug fixes.

As I mentioned in your other thread, both Rithmic and Optimus Flow do provide the option for aggregated data. I can’t confirm this is exactly what you need, but I suggest enabling this setting to see if it is what you are after.

On the connection box of Optimus Flow, disconnect Rithmic and click on Connection Settings as shown in the square below:


In connection settings, simply click the check box for Aggregated data and then reconnect!


I hope this helps!
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks for tip nevertheless this doesnt fix the problem of the exchange aggregation on the time and sales.


Quantower Dom and Tape are lacking the following

  1. Centerline

  2. Single column option for working orders

  3. Colors to differentiate long and short filled positons on the price column

  4. Ability to customize Font size/type/style/color and background color working orders.

  5. EPIQ(estimated queue position) on working orders

  6. An option to have summary by ID for last trade size on dom, time and sales, watchlist.

  7. Dom are not in sync. They do not refreshing at same time.

  8. Ability to have color options for active and inactive prices for the price column.

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We will talk to our developers about what you’ve presented and implement changes in future updates.

If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know.
Optimus Futures Support

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