DOM defaults loading

For some reason I can’t find the previous DOM defaults that I saved with a custom name.
Is there a specific place where OEC saves DOM defaults? Or because I recently downloaded the newest version of the platform I must rename and recreate the new/current DOM default?


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Hi @Project11,

I would first suggest attempting to load global settings. This can be found under File > Global Settings > Load

If you’ve previously saved global settings an XML file should be found here under the name you saved it as.

Once you’ve imported these previously saved global settings, you can then load user-defined defaults under DOM settings. This should reset your DOM settings to whatever you defined in a previous instance of GAIN Trader.

If you still cannot load previously saved DOM defaults, then they may have been deleted when you redownloaded the newest version of the platform.

Let me know if this helps,
Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks @Mod-JakeM ,
I will review your suggestions.
Great help to save the global settings first.
Great tip.


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Anytime @Project11!

Even if you have deleted and reinstalled your platform as long as you have an XML file previously saved from another instance of Gain Trader it should carry over just fine.


I only saved the default and the workspaces before.
Glpbal settings/XML settings is the way to go.
Thanks again.

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