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DOM Surface Tweak Requested


The DOM Surface is very good, but I sorely miss the ability to zoom all the way out to the beginning of the session, like I can with Bookmap. Please allow this functionality, it would allow me to trade almost exclusively with just that chart and ditch Bookmap. Also please allow the DOM levels contrast slider to be placed permanently on the main toolbar next to the “Quick settings” dropdown as it is quite often necessary to tweak the slider when zooming in and out and checking the strength of various order book levels. Thanks so much for consideration.

Hi @dolomick,

It was a pleasure speaking to you on our live chat earlier, thank you for joining/posting this on our forum, and thank you for your feedback.

Although I did mention to you earlier that changing your mouse wheel function to scroll rather than zoom is a valid option for this, I did not mention that there is a scroll bar along the X axis that allows you to scroll back in time as shown below:

The time scale does seem a bit limited in terms of how far you can go back, so I will show your recommendation scrolling back out to the beginning of the session along with your suggestion of DOM contract slider changes.

Thanks for your time and we appreciate your feedback!
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