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DTN IQ Feed + MC


Anyone here (with Optimus) using MC with the DTN IQ feed?

If so, kindly share your experiences from getting-up and going to your experiences since. I realize of course that most at Optimus probably use Rithmic though…

Thanks much.


I am using at the moment MultiCharts W/ Optimus via a recommendation of a friend who is using this current brokerage. My MC hooked up DTN IQ and it is working well for us as we require specific market internals. However, we have found that R-Trader somehow provides better execution latency wise, so we just use MC for charting while using R-Trader for execution. Right now, I am not an expert on MC as I am transitioning from TS.


ESfusion, thanks for chiming-in. Much appreciated.

Interesting. I recently joined TS (great offer), and have that data to pump into MC also. Clearly you trade futures, based upon your ID and being with Optimus, but since you are / were with TS, do you plan to trade more than just futures on MC? I understand of course that you are using MC for charting only now…

Quite a few folks come-over to Optimus based upon recommendations or referrals. Matt and staff, by all accounts, are a great group.


At the moment I am looking to trade futures, and particularly the ES and CL. This will be my primary platform for this because it allows me to do the analysis required without the monthly fee (life time subscriber).

I have not been much of an equity trader, rather an investor with very long term price targets with the usual stop-loss management. Usually I would trade 5-15 stocks within the entire year.

I have found the Optimus Group while surfing the web where a financial blogger was talking about latency and execution for MultiCharts. So far all is good and I have encountered polite attitude when I have technical issues.


Thanks for the flollow-up ESfusion.

MC lifetime here too. I have 20 stocks/ETF’s (Tony’s 20) that I monitor and trade, mostly swinging, but have longer term positions too… I trade the ES on occasion too, as that fits into my plan quite well, being the future of the S&P 500 cash.

Thanks again for your feedback on DTN IQ and MC. Best to you.