DTN IQ via Optimus Futures

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Given Jay’s response, is this market data included in what Optimus provides its customers?

Broad mkt indicators can be helpful to all, including those focused on futures. The big picture is relevant to most if not all…

Thanks much. Tony

[MENTION=911]hammockguy[/MENTION] (Tony) I will make the inquiry whether a customer @ optimus futures is entitled to equity only type products. We are a future company so we will see if DTN allows such privileges.


Matt, thanks much for the great service.

I’d call this particular request market data, but it is indeed based upon the equity market though. If it includes equity data as most know it, ie, actual stock data such as OHLC and volume for all symbols, that would be sweet of course.

Thanks again.

If I understand the question correctly, the answer is yes. If you feed your platform with IQFeed data as an Optimus customer (trading through Optimus), you will be able to view both current and historical data on all instruments IQFeed provides (both futures and equities). This includes the ability to watch individual stocks, options, indexes that aren’t part of the instruments are are trading through Optimus.

If I misunderstood the question, please let me know and I will do my best to clarify…


Jay, thank you. And you did understand. The aforementioned / discussed topic of equity market data is mostly what I’m after, and with what you just explained, that would be included in the IQFeed for Optimus customers…

A good long weekend to you. Thanks again. Tony

Thanks Tony. You have a good long weekend as well. We will be here Monday even though many markets are closed…

Jay, I want you to be the rep for Optimus guys! you give outstanding service to our customers.