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dxFeed data for Optimus Flow

Hi Team!

From my trading experience I like dxFeed CME Order Flow feeds as most accurate ones, but can’t find how do I sign up for it to be used in OptimusFlow platform…I googled it and found an article that they are integrated but nothing else. Appreciate your help on this!


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Hi @smirnov.jen, and welcome to the Optimus Futures community.
We suggest you use those pages dxFeed Optimus Flow provides day traders with a high-standard data to contact dXFeed and choose a subscription. Optimus Flow has a connection to dxFeed.
Also, please remember that dxFeed is a data-only provider, and you would still need to connect to execution. We hope this helps.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Hi Matt and thank you! It is a pleasure to be here :slight_smile:

Finally (with your hints of course) I found where to actually subscribe (not to read marketing materials :slight_smile: )

In case other community members are interested here it is:


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