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email Alerts for Rithmic and Trade Navigator


I currently receive email alerts to my phone by utilizing Trade Navigator on a Virtual Server. Is Rithmic the only platform available for the broker connection with Trade Navigator? Rithmic does not offer email alerts to my knowledge. (It is an exceptional platform in all other regards.)

My question is - how can I receive email alerts without needing to run a virtual server?
Can I change from Rithmic to another platform that offers server-side alerts, and retain the Trade Nav trading functionality?



[MENTION=468]davidfutures[/MENTION], thank you for the question.
At the moment we only provide Rithmic and the TradeNavigator connectivity.
To place orders that would sit directly on the server side, you would need
to execute via R-Trader.

Now to better assist you, Do you run Rithmic data feed via Trade Navigator and execute on R-Trader?



Hi Matt. Yes I run Rithmic both through Trade Navigator, and also place orders direct in Rithmic (spreads). My question is how to have email alerts stored server-side, as Trade Navigator’s are not…
It does not appear that Rithmic offers such? Is this correct?


That is correct. R-Trader does not offer email alerts via R-Trader at the moment.
The RIthmic team is very receptive and listening to its growing community, so I will approach them and request this feature.
This is not something that could be implemented immediately but again, I will bring it to their attention.



Sure. So I will stay unchanged with my current setup for the time being.
Thanks Matt.


[MENTION=468]davidfutures[/MENTION], you may want to use MultiCharts with Rithmic: it has the built-in capability of sending email alerts customized to your taste regardless of the execution platform in use.


Thanks Dr Leo.
I use Trade Navigator for charting as I mentioned, so will stay on a VS for now.