Emini S&P Time Based Execution

I wish to execute orders of the E-Mini S&P near the close.
Do you guys have a platforms that allows me to place a time based execution?
For example, I would like to exit at 14.00 CST and 14.30 CST?
Thank you.

Hello [MENTION=449]FTrader[/MENTION], and welcome to the forum.
Yes, you can have time based execution on a platform called R-Trader.
You could specify time of execution and the length that you would like this order to work.
For example: You can set an exit @ 14.00 CST and at the same time specify that you want this order to work for 60 seconds.
If you are a trading a number of lots you can set different hours for your lots until you exit all.
Naturally, if you set market order you don’t need to specify how long the order should work.