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Emini SP seat for the CME


Is anyone familiar with the seat that is necessary to reduce the exchange fee for the CME/ES Trading? Is that the IOM the right membership? Please advise if you have gone thorugh the registration. Mintz


There are several options including seat ownership, leasing and the latest type which is electronic corporate membership for globex executed products. Each have different fee structures (reductions from top line non-member rates) depending on the product and seat type. If you search at the Merc site you can find all the info you need about obtaining a seat/membership as well as a comparative rates table.

for your convenience, please use this link: CME Membership Seat Lease for High Frequency Trading



Sorry for the late reply, but I have spoken to your staff and started the process.
I assume that the CME lease fees will be adjusted once I have the membership?


Correct the back office will work with you so that you would be charged the right fees.