Enable TT Synthetic Order Types

TT Platform has a number of synthetic order types which can prove to be helpful, apart from the standard order types. These include:

  • TT Bracket.
  • TT Iceberg.
  • TT If-Touched.
  • TT OBV.
  • TT OCO.
  • TT Retry.
  • TT Stop.
  • TT Time Sliced

Especially helpful to me is the TT Bracket Order, which allows you to set a profit and stop loss order simultaneously using OCO(Order Cancels Order) fuctionality.

To enable this you must contact Matt Z, and requesting to send a message to the FCM to enable ‘TT synthetic order types’.

Hope this helps!

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@Ajay_S Thank you for this informative note! We recommend that customers who use TT and need this feature contact ur support. It’s support@optimsfutures.com
Again, we appreciate this information.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

800 771-6748
561 367-8686