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Error: Cannot find the file OEC Chart Package Plugin


Hello Everyone

I’m having an issue when i try to install OEC Trader
I’m able to select which parts to install and after that i get the message:

“Cannot find the file OEC Chart Package Plugin.exe”

i have the following setup:

  • windows 2012 server
  • .net 3.5 and 4.5
  • microsoft visual C+++ 2010, 2013, 2015

Hope someone has experienced the same in the past and has a solution for this!



Hi @peter,

Were you able to download and access the actual platform itself without the charting package? Or was this message prohibiting you from accessing the entire platform?

If you are able to access GAIN Trader without charts, you should be able to download the charting package directly from the following link: Scroll down to the LIST OF OEC TRADER PLUG-INS table and select the appropriate download under the: Chart/Custom Indicator Package column.

If you were unable to download/access the actual platform itself, Gain suggested that you may have a firewall or antivirus software blocking the download. In this case, they have suggested disabling any active firewalls or antivirus until you complete the download of Gain Trader. Once you have everything downloaded, you can reenable them.

I would suggest trying the steps listed above, if you have further issues please let us know or give us a call.

Optimus Futures Support
(800) 771-6748



Just to follow up, Gain provided me with the following text which may be able to assist you:

GETTING THE ERROR MESSAGE “CANNOT FIND OEC CHART PACKAGE”? If you received the message “cannot find OEC chart package” while installing our software, one of the following problems may have occurred:

  1. Your firewall is blocking our installer from downloading the necessary components. Please disable your firewall and anti-virus while installing our software.

  2. The internet connection is currently down. Please check your modem lights and ensure you are connected. Try powering down the modem and any routers and plug them back in after 30 seconds. If using a dial up connection, ensure you are connected while installing our software.

  3. You are behind a corporate firewall and will be unable to use our trading software as we require TCP ports 9200 and 9201 to be open.

As for step 3, if this is the reason for your issue, this would require you to Port Forward your router to the following ports mentioned. If all else fails and you are still running into this error message after exhausting the following steps, I can assist you in port forwarding your router.

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: