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Error message: The Exchange Gateway is not connected to the Exchange

I have been testing with the Rithmic test server (Orangeburg) for a while now, but over the last week every order I submit fails with the following error message: “The Exchange Gateway is not connected to the Exchange”.

I am getting this message both with the API code I have written as well as when I manually place orders with the Rithmic Trader UI. Any ideas what is causing this or how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Iantg,

Thank you for reaching out and posting on our community forum.

Quick question: Which products are you attempting to execute test orders for?

It sounds like some sort of market data/exchange entitlement issue. Have you considered that your Rithmic test account may have expired? Did you obtain this account through us or a demo through our site?

Without knowing more, I might suggest you reach out to the Rithmic API team at: as they will likely be able to help you with your issue directly.

Any other information from you could help us address this with you!
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Hi Jake, Thanks for following up. To your questions: I am hitting this error across both CBOT and CME with every instrument I tested. I tested roughly 10 instruments from each. So I would say this is likely part of a larger server side error or a permissions issue and not specific to a single instrument.

I was only ever provided credentials to the rithmic test server which I understand is just CME /CBOT test servers. These servers don’t operate like the live exchanges. The prices barely move and there are often huge gaps between the best bid and best ask. I don’t believe the credentials to this test server were part of any trial. For a trial I would expect live market data to the real time exchanges, not mostly just static data.

I originally requested the Rithmic API from Optimus Futures and Matt helped get me setup a couple years back. I just recently got around to testing it though. The Rithmic guys emailed me the sample scripts, API documentation and my credentials.

So from here, I guess maybe the next step would be to see if I can get an actual trial to live data. Maybe getting me a new account pointing to a new server will fix the issue. Is this something that you could request for me?



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HI @Iantg,

Thanks for your patience on this.

In regards to the Rithmic test server, as I mentioned in our last comment I would recommend that you contact the Rithmic API team at: We have had similar questions in the past posted on our community forum like this and Rithmic always requests that the user reach them directly. There could be various reasons that you could be encountering these issues and it is difficult to address the many possibilities through a community post.

In regards to a trial of live data, you can register for that via the following link: Sign up - Rithmic

Please keep in mind that you create your own username and password, your username is your email. Email and passwords are case sensitive. Once you register via the link above, you can simply use this login on any platform that accepts Rithmic or use it within Rithmic’s paper trading enviroment/system in your API.

I hope this helps!
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Thanks so much for fielding my question.
This helps a lot, especially about how the trial works. I will check that out this week.