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ES Emini SP Demo on Multicharts Computations


Hi everyone, my first post here so please go easy!

I’m currently paper trading (Sim 1 account on Multicharts) ES with one contract.

On one trade yesterday I bought at 1,547.50 and closed at 1,548.75. To me this is 5 ticks at $12.50 per tick, a return of $67.50.

However my demo account was only credited with $25!

Coming from a Forex spot market background I may be missing something but can anyone please explain the discrepancy here as I am baffled.

The only thing I could think of was something to do with the spread but even then I couldn’t see how there would be such a difference in my return.



It seems admin edited my post on my behalf and incorrectly added Ninjatrader to the title instead of Multicharts which this question refers to.

Can’t seem to edit the title so that it shows on the thread page but there you go.

Edit - Thanks admin for updating :slight_smile:


Yes, please.


Can you please take a look at the performance report tab to see if it was reflected there.


Hi Matt,

Do you mean on the ‘Order & Position Tracker Window’? If so I only have Accounts, Orders, Open Positions, Strategy Positions, Positions History, Logs, Alerts… Not sure where the performance report tab is?!



On your “Order and Position Tracker” I see only the 1547.50, but not the 1548.75
The P&L between the two should add up to 62.50

Also, we can try something else: when you open a chart there should be a little arrow
at the top that opens up that would open chart trader. If you right click you will see a Trading Performance Report
This should show you the final P&L when with the closed the position.



ok, lets try one more thing to get the thing right.
Quote Manager–Choose the Symbol for Rithmic 01—Right Click it–Under Setting, Make sure it is under “Use Symbol Dictionary Settings” and the same should be on the “Sessions”. Lets try that and see what is the result then.


Ok applied those settings so will see if it makes a difference.

Hopefully the discrepancy is just down to the feed being a demo one and slow to update or something?

Will keep you updated. Thanks for your help.


Just as an update to this thread: I assure you that demo feed could be slower than the regular
feed of Rithmic because its not from the same server. Rithmic does it in such a way so the real users
would not be impact by demo users due to latency.


PS. The paper trading credentials are different than the real account and have to be set up differently. That is why you had no tick data before.