Events related to instruments placed in WatchList


I’ve added a few instruments to my watchlist in the market tab and attempt to follow them in the event calender, but I am looking for a way to filter events to only show the instruments I have added in the watchlist.

Is it possible?


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Yes, this is possible.

To view events that are related to instruments you have added to your WatchList:

1. Open the Markets tab and then select the WatchList sub-tab

2. Left click the instrument you would like to view related events for

3. Scroll to the bottom of that specific event’s side panel. As shown below, each instrument has “its own economic calendar” which is a calendar showing only economic events that are relevant to the instrument you have selected and that Optimus News detects back-tested trade ideas.

This method can be followed for any instrument found in the Markets tab. If Optimus News detects back-tested trade ideas for that specific instrument, Optimus News will populate this section with related events.

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