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Excel spreadsheet driven orders sent to Gain Trader (OEC Trader) via DDE


I’ve heard that there is a way to use an Excel Spreadsheet to send and get live market orders updates?

Can you point me in a direction of more resources on excel based trading with OEC?

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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - Excel Trading Spreadsheet DDE - DOM manipulation


To my knowledge real time quotes can be streamed from OEC Trader directly to an Excel spreadhseet. Users also have the ability to send orders, monitor positions, and stream historical data directly to Excel as well.

To utilize Excel on OEC Trader, users must first install the OEC Automation add-in for Excel first. This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Open Excel
2. Navigate to the Insert tab and select Manage other Add-Ins under the My Add-ins drop down menu.

3. Left click the Go… button with Excel Add-ins selected

4. Select Automation…


5. Scroll down to OEC.Functions, highlight the option, and then press OK. Press OK again on the next screen.


Once the OEC Add-in has been installed to Excel, I would suggest restarting the program. You are now ready to begin using Excel integrated with OEC.

The possibilities you can create utilizing Excel through OEC Trader are essentially endless, for that reason I will provide you with Excel Trading documentation directly from OEC:

I believe this documentation should provide you with enough information to get you started with trading through Excel on OEC Trader.

Let me know if you have any additonal questions regarding OEC Trader and Excel Trading.

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This is something that I really need to learn…I have a lot to do…I would like to incorporate bots as well…thanks Matt for posting that Guide


Thanks @Mod-JakeM for the detailed OEC Trader Excel information.
Your inputs are very helpful.
Thanks again,

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