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Excel versions compatible with GAIN OEC Trader / DDE


I would like to find out from GAIN trading desk / excel product specialist,
which versions of EXCEL are fully compatible with their DDE to bring in live data and send/receive orders to take full advantage of this excel add-in function.

I am currently using microsoft’s 365 version but as I will most likely eventually switch to a VPN and
a dedicated server I will probably end up getting a standalone lifetime license of just EXCEL.

As I was trying to modify GAIN’s “DDE sample add-in sheet” I was getting ERRORS suggesting that
there may be compatibility issues and warnings regarding “Excel 97-2013 and 2007” versions.

So, I would like to fully clarify with GAIN / Excel specialist which version is the best and most compatible for the DDE bridge to work most efficiently with their servers?

Thanks very much.


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We’ve reached out to Gain regarding this topic. As soon as we receive a response, we will update this thread.

Thanks for your patience,
Optimus Futures Support



Gain would like to know if you are using a sample sheet or a blank spreadsheet, and what version of Excel are you using?


I am using the “sample add-in sheet” with Office 365, but trying to buy the standalone version of excel (office) and wanted to know which one is the most compatible?

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Hi @Project11,

According to the Gain Support team, the standalone version or using a blank template and not the add-in sheet would be the most compatible.

My best bet would be to get the latest version of Excel, this should be compatible and work without any issues.

Hope this clears things up,
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks @Mod-JakeM ,
I will try to get the latest standalone version.

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