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Explanation TPO chart

Dear All,

To extend my knowledge, i believe that the TPO chart can give you more information about important levels.

Does anyone can give me more information about the use this chart, the optimal variables to install TPO the chart and do you agree with my statement above.

My Quote about trading: " The ship will be finished during sailing"

Thank you for your help.

Warm regards,


Hello @Emile_Beijl ,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to the community forum!

Time Price Opportunity or TPO Charts , show the price distribution during the specified time, thus forming a profile. This allows you to see which levels or ranges the price has spent the most time, as well as to determine the main support and resistance levels.

I do agree with your statement that TPO can give you more information about important levels, but it is ultimately up to the trader as to how they will interpret such information.

Anyone can look at a TPO chart and see more levels than a normal chart and agree that they are receiving more information, but experienced traders will be the ones to absorb this information and make educated decisions based on their analysis to support their trading.

The traders we speak to who do utilize TPO charts express confidence in them, but they do stress that TPO charts have a very difficult learning curve. It can take months to fully understand, grasp, and master the concepts and potential that TPO charts provide. It can take even more time to grasp these concepts and then implement them into your trading.

It is hard for us to recommend a specific way to configure your TPO charts as every trader has their own unique approach to them and how they interpret the data. I would suggest adding a left or right profile to your TPO charts, which would assist you with finding areas of support and resistance along with displaying the trading activity over a specific time period at certain price levels. Meaning, it shows what was bought and sold at those current levels, and displays them in a histogram on the side of your chart. Volume Profile allows you to see the zones of maximum trading interest, and as a consequence, the “true” support/resistance levels.

If you are interested in utilizing TPO charts, we provide them for FREE on our platform Optimus Flow.

Feel free to sign up for a demo on the link above. Once you have access to the demo, feel free to take a look at our TPO introduction guide here:

I hope you find this response helpful! I do apologize in advance that I cannot provide a more specific answer on how to configure these charts, but as I mentioned, each trader has their own way of interpreting these charts and the information they provide. Not everyone has the same approach!

Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:

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Continuing the discussion from Explanation TPO chart:

Thank you Jake for the additonal information you send me after request.

Good to hear that i can separate Asian, EU and US session. Most of the volume comes in at the US session.Will go over the stuff and when i have more questions, i will contact you then. gr. Emile

@Emile_Beijl You are welcome!

For anyone interested, Emile asked if it was possible to separate sessions on Optimus Flow’s charts.

This can be done by right-clicking your chart and to the right, you will see custom sessions. > Click the + button and simply add the times you want marked off on your chart!

Optimus Futures

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