FCM that supports KRX futures?


I currently use Interactive Brokers for CBOT, CME and KRX (Korean Stock Exchange) futures, but would like to move to Optimus for access to better trading software and less conservative margins.

It looks as though Phillip Capital has KRX exchange access (for KOSPI 200 futures and mini futures contracts), so I’d like to confirm a couple of things before I proceed with opening an account and choosing them as an FCM:

  1. Does Phillip Capital actually provide KOSPI200 and KOSPI200 mini futures on the KRX exchange?
  2. Am I correct in thinking that CQG is the only data feed with KRX exchange access? Rithmic doesn’t like KRX on its list. So this would mean I can’t use Optimus Flow for KRX futures, I think?
  3. Can I get a general indication of Phillip Capital’s margin rates… their website does not provide this information. I’m looking for rates that are better than IBKR’s, if possible.

I am based in Australia, so I thought Phillip Capital’s Asia Pacific presence might be useful.


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Hello Kel, welcome to our community! We’ll reach out to Phillip to inquire about the availability of the required instrument and its terms.

It’s worth noting that we can integrate CQG into Optimus Flow. We have access to all markets that CQG offers via Optimus Flow. We’ll inform you via email as soon as we collect all the necessary information.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures

Thanks very much, Matt!