Filled/partially filled orders not disappearing from charts/DOM-Simulator

So I’ve had this issue off and on with orders not being removed from charts/DOM/working orders panel once they have been closed while in the simulated trading mode. This happens regardless of the side the order was placed or the type of order placed. It also does not matter what product I’m trading either. Closing and reopening any of the aforementioned items does not remove them either. In order for them to be removed I have to close and restart OptimusFlow. This doesn’t impact my trading since the Optimus will say “No order found.” It IS however, very distracting since I am scalping and sometimes the charts will get VERY busy. But since I would have to restart the platform, I would lose all of the data for the session since the simulator resets everytime.

Is this an issue with Rithmic, the platform, or both?

HI @Daedalus,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This is something we will need to investigate.

I do not believe this is a Rithmic issue.

If this happens again, would you mind getting in touch with us via: so we can obtain your log files and address this issue with our developers?

Next time this happens, can you try right clicking your chart > REFRESH

The method above may potentially correct this issue if it happens again, but any additional feedback from you would be very helpful. You may not need to restart the entire program, you may only need to turn off the simulator and restart it, but I can understand that you may lose data as well for doing this.

Are you running the most up to date version of Optimus Flow?

Please let us know!
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I think I have already tried that, but I’ll give that a shot next time it happens. If that doesn’t work then I’ll reload the history. I’ll try and remember to snag a screenshot too next time. I’ll for sure shoot y’all an email next time it happens.

I am running 1.118.5. That is the most recent correct? The platform tells me that I’m up to date when I check.

I also have another issue that wasn’t too much of an issue but seems to have gotten worse. At least, it feels that way to me. Sometimes either OptimusFlow or Rithmic or both (don’t really know which one,) will lag so hard that I get kicked from the session, which has also cost me trade data. Do you think that might be an issue with the connection on my end or maybe my ISP?

I know I mentioned this in the feature request thread, but I’ll go ahead and place it here too. It would be amazing if the devs added a Baseline Chart like TradingView has.

Hi @Daedalus,

Thank you for the additional information. This is something we’ll need to investigate.

Yes, the current version is 1.118.5. If you are open to trying until we find a solution, I might suggest trying to delete the platform then install a fresh version. Re-installing the platform may fix this issue until a new patch is released.

In regards to your disconnections, without any further context it is impossible for me to say, but I would assume that it is the result of your internet connection or ISP. On Optimus Flow, we provide the ability to monitor your ping to Rithmic’s server.

This number in the image above is the time it takes for a small data set to be transmitted from your device to a server on the Internet and back to your device again . The ping time is measured in milliseconds (ms).

In my experience and what I have seen from other users, any number below 50 MS is generally good. Anything approaching 100+ MS you can potentially expect disconnections due to a poor connection. Moving forward i’d suggest to keep a close eye on this number.

Let me know if you’re open to reinstalling the platform until we release an official fix, I think it will help.

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