Filtered Volume not working


I am using double cluster charts with volume and delta as my two data types and it appears that the filtered volume functionality does not work properly. I would like to filter out volume that is smaller than 1000 but when I enable this feature in volume analysis settings almost all values (even if they are larger than 1000) are shown as zeros. There are only minor exceptions where it is shown correctly. I am using CQG as a data provider.

A refresh or reload did not help. Please see attached screenshots for more details.

Filtered volume = 0

Setting filtered volume to 1’000

Filtered volume = 1’000 with almost all shown as zeros

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you

Hi @Infamis,

Thank you for your question, your patience while waiting for a response, and welcome to the Optimus community forum!

We will need to follow up on this post once we have an answer from our developers. I have brought this to their attention. Thank you for the specific details and for mentioning that you are a CQG user, this will help us tremendously when attempting to solve this. After attempting to replicate this myself, it seems as if this could be affecting all data feeds on the platform.

As soon as we know more we will follow up with you! Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.
Optimus Futures Support

Thank you for your response. If it helps in any way, I am also running the free version from Quantower on the side and experience the same issue.

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi @Mod-JakeM,

Just wanted to follow up on this and if there has been a potential fix for the above issue.


We apologize for the delay. We will check with the developers and see if there is an update.


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