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Found a bug in chart trading

Found a bug. At least it looks like a bug. You can apparently only move your orders around once on the chart. Let’s say I open a buy stop above the price, then drag the SL button below that order to send a stop-loss. When I drag the initial order they’ll move together, but when I release something happens. The white line that connects the two is now disconnected and you can no longer drag them. When you resize the chart the stop-loss won’t move with the price and you can’t interact with either. You have to cancel them with the OE sidebar. I’m hoping this behavior isn’t intentional.

Hi @samalam,

Thank you for pointing this out and welcome to our forum!

I know we discussed this directly over email, our developers are continuing to look into this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and providing us with a video.

We will update this thread and we have more information on this.
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