Future trades execution in portal

I am looking for an order entry free platform that ties up to your trading portal in real time. It is critical we see the execution in a matter of minutes to generate a report and transfer to CSV. We look at the OAK system, and wanted to ask you whether you would recommend it?

@J.ams Thank you for your question. We gather from the nature of your question that you are a hedger. Can you please confirm that?

Yes that is correct. Thanks for the fast reply.

You are welcome. OAK would be a good choice if you are choosing to hedge because it should be tied up to the ADMIS members1 portal where trades are reported in seconds or minutes. From there you can download the CSV file. Also, if you have multiple accounts, each account re-margined intra-day and orders checked for real-time buying power. Let us know if you have any other questions.

One last question, and BTW thanks for the additional info as it does help.
Where can I find the different margins requirements specs by ADM?

Here is our margins page: Margin Requirements | Futures Trading | Optimus Futures Click on the ADMIS tab. This is updated by ADMIS.
As a hedger, your margin start at maintenance.

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