Futures Trading Colo and Data Fees

We are interested in running a strategy that requires a colo because it’s a high frequency strategy.

We would need a pretty fast colo. What are some of the options that we you offer:
Do you offer a shared colocation or colo our computers? if both options are available please provide pricing. Also, What would be the market data costs for the ES?

Hello @AlgoUnit we do maintain colocation services for our high-frequency traders.
First, we suggest to use the Rithmic infrastructure for the high frequency trading co location

There are simple hosting solutions via the Aurora CME facility where you share a virtual server or you can place your equipment directly on the Rithmic infrastructure. The cost will vary depending on the anticipated volumes and the specs that we need to specify.

Please contact us at 800-771-6748 or local 561-367-8686