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Futures Trading FIX API Services



Hello, which FIX APIs do you offer and how much do they cost (both in terms of monthly costs and commissions)?

For CQG, TT and any other software providers that offer FIX for instance, what base packages are you required to subscribe to receive the FIX API, i.e. do you need CQG IC for CQG FIX or can you subscribe to a lower-tier version of CQG?

The same question goes for TT, do you need TT-PRO or TT-Standard?

This question applies to all available platforms and FCMs your brokerage firm offers.


Hello @9dhfju4, Thank you for your Futures trading FIX API questions. Let me provide you with a few options for the APIs available.

CTS-T4 FIX API You can look at the specs here:

Rithmic R Protocol it can work with FIX API Protocol.

TT FIX API is expiring at 2020. Although some FCMs may choose to support it, it will not have any updates or improvements from TT. We at Optimus Futures will not take customers under the TT FIX API because if the trading software provider does not support it, then it would make sense to place customers under it. As far as we know TT moved to the TT® REST API environment and if you insist on TT, then we suggest you move to the new environment.

CQG does offer the FIX API but for trading only, but they do not provide the FIX API for data.
If you wish to have to trade data and order routing, they do it via WEB API only.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Hello @9dhfju4. As Matt mentioned, we have built new APIs here at TT. You may read more about them here:


@Patrick_Rooney Always good to see you on our Community!

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


And TT-FIX, which is the subject in the OP is mentioned there.


There’s no way you are retiring TT-FIX for execution services, maybe market data services, since you are an official rep can you clarify his comments?


We’re retiring the 7x infrastructure. Here is our webpage dedicated to FIX offerings with the TT platform.


Thank you! We are looking forward to working with your new infrastructure,

Matt Z
Optimus Futures