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Futures Trading Platform Mac Installation

Hi all Mac users!

I’ve attached the link for installing ATAS on the Mac, but the video is useful for any Windows based platform such as Optimus Flow.

Using an M1 Mac myself I can tell you performance is liken to a native Windows machine. An Intel Mac will have performance degradation.

Windows 10 for an ARM processor is no longer available but the Windows 11 version is available and the following video is applicable.

If you need any help please let me know, I’m very familiar with the process.

The link is: How to use ATAS on Mac / Knowledge Base / ATAS support center

(If you are using an M1 or M2 Mac, the Parallels program is the only one available, but if you are using a Mac with an Intel processor you can also use VMWARE (they have a free version). I’ll update once VMWARE becomes compatible with the M1 or M2 processors.