Gain Capital (Futures) Review 2019

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As part of our on-going series of FCM reviews, this blog post reviews Gain Capital, providing access to one of our most popular platforms, Gain Trader.

Quick Facts:

  • $52,959,200 in Net Capital as of 11/30/2018
  • $216,124,042 in segregated funds as of 11/30/18
  • 19+ years of industry leadership

Gain Capital Background

GAIN Capital was founded in 1999 and provides a diverse mix of both retail and institutional investor’s access to thousands of OTC and exchange-traded markets with exceptional liquidity, technology, and service. GAIN Capital is headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey, and has a global presence with 800 staff across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As a global, publicly traded company (NYSE:GCAP), GAIN Capital must meet the highest standards of corporate governance, financial reporting, and disclosure.

We recommend Gain Capital (Futures) to traders looking for:

Free Access to the proprietary GAIN Trader Platform and Automated Trading Systems via iSystems, and Collective 2 (subscription fee applied on C2).

Gain Capital Key Facts:

Account Minimum: $2,000

Trading Platforms:

Trading Platforms: Their powerful proprietary platform, GAIN Trader, is an easy-to-use electronic trading platform designed to handle all of the complexities of professional trading and order management. Their platform is already integrated with many Third Party platforms including CQG, Sierra Chart, MultiCharts, JigSaw Trader, TradeNavigator, Bookmap, Investor RT, etc.

CLICK HERE to view a full list of platforms available from Gain Capital.

Supported APIs: CQG and Gain API.

Margins: Gain Capital offers Day Trading Margins on most futures contracts. CLICK HERE for current margin rates.

Best for: All-in-one Futures Trading Solution

An Optimus Futures account through Gain Capital is able to provide a comprehensive all-in-one trading solution from Platform Trading to Datafeed Order Routing and FCM Clearing . Optimus clients get access to GAIN Trader’s accurate, secure and fast trade execution at no extra cost as it is included with all trading accounts. GAIN Trader also makes your trading easier and more efficient with additional features, including Charting, Advanced Orders, AutoX signals from TradeStation, Risk Monitor, Custom Indicators, custom platform workspaces and more. Again, all these features come standard, at no additional cost to customers.

No more running around from 3rd party platforms to data vendors and FCM back offices. We are the only contact you will need when it comes to your futures trading account. Whether you are experiencing platform issues, connection problems, funding/withdrawal questions, slippage, execution delays, we will be your one point of contact for a quick, stress-free resolution. You also get access to iBroker, a simple, intuitive, mobile app for trading Futures & Futures Options. Use live market data to monitor your account and execute trades that work seamlessly with your Optimus Futures / GAIN account and GAIN Trader. Get real-time quotes, account information, and GAIN’s powerful execution along with the freedom to roam.

CLICK HERE for a more comprehensive review of GAIN Trader

Exchange Access

  • CBOT
  • CFE
  • CME
  • Euronext
  • ICE
  • MGE

24/6 Support

GAIN Capital offers 24/6 support during market hours across global exchanges with experienced trade desk brokers that understand the markets, data, strategies, and platforms. Optimus Futures’ personal support combined with Gain Capital’s 24/6 trade desk will make sure your trading platform is running and your positions are executed. Can’t be on the phone? No problem – Optimus Futures and Gain Capital both offer live web-based chat and self-help forum to allow you to type and search your way to solutions on your own time without the need to talk to a customer service representative.

  • Direct point of contact for all trading execution
  • Give-up execution services
  • Trade Allocation
  • Platform support
  • Market-related questions

Client Portal Features

  • View Statements
  • Access Fill and Order reports and statistics
  • Manage personal information
  • Software downloads for trading and plug-ins
  • Access Third Party software

The Bottom Line

Professional tools for trading futures – Combining powerful trading tools with the infrastructure to deliver the speed, security and reliability that is required to compete in today’s markets, Optimus Futures can attest that Gain Capital’s technology meets the complex requirements of professional futures traders it all sits on top of an advanced, monitored network complete with failover and business continuity.

Open An account with Gain Capital (Futures)

Open A Gain Capital Account

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