Gain (OEC) / CQG Data outage Yesterday (12/20)

While still on OEC Demo testing the platform, I experienced an extended almost 45 min datafeed
interruption. I took notice at 2:12pm EST that all of my OEC DOMs prices froze and while orders were still
on the ladder and as the market moved through many of them they did not fill.
I hope it’s just a Demo server issue as I started enjoying the OEC Trader platform as I get more familiar with its functions and don’t want to rule out its use.
I reached out to OpenECry and it routes to their FuturesOnline broker site.
I called and also got on the chat and got informed that OEC’s data is really CQG, and the client services
informed me that there was no any major outages in their actual live for live accounts feed.

My question is: have you guys experienced any major outages yesterday
after 2:12pm EST across any other data feeds especially CQG’ native raw feeds or was it just OEC’s demo server?

Thanks in advance,

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As far as we know OEC data does sit on top of the CQG data API. However, OEC maintains their own servers, risk management, and execution.

To our knowledge you have been the only user to notify us about this data outage during that time. I do not believe you would have experienced this on the live servers, as they are usually very reliable. Please keep in mind that these are demo servers, these servers are different from the live ones.

Something to also consider is that if you are running multiple data feeds on your computer, that individually they do take up a considerable amount of bandwidth. Although it may not have been what caused the outage in your instance of the OEC data trial, in some situations, lack of bandwidth could cause potential outages. It is unlikely a bandwidth issue would cause a 45-minute outage, but this is something to keep in mind and consider for future mishaps.

It is unknown to us why you experienced this outage, but if it happens again, please let us know so we can investigate the issue at the time it occurs.

If you have additional questions on OEC Trader feel free to continue to post on the community forum. You can also reach me directly at or give us a call at: (800) 771-6748

Optimus Futures Support

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Thanks a lot for your inputs. I reached out to OpenECry folks and I was informed that they didn’t have any major issues with their live data around the time I had a demo issue, so it must have been the demo server.
Overall I like the OEC platform a lot and I decided to set up a new live account and continue testing
OEC Trader with a live account and live data feed in the upcoming weeks.
After I start placing a series of live trades I am sure I may come up with other questions.
I am looking forward to it and again thank you Jake for all of your detailed explanations,
I find them very helpful.

Thanks guys,

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