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Gain Trader Demo (OEC Trader) - Limit Orders Didn't Fill eventhough the market prices well cleared the price level


I also experienced another DEMO error with several LIMIT ORDERS.
Although it happened shortly after the FED rate cut, the market (RTY) in this case,
went well above 2 limit orders on the DOM and then the price fell heavily but
with no fills on the limit prices. No Error, No fill and the orders still in the markets.
I guess the DEMO feeds are very different then the actual live feeds.

Thanks for any future inputs,

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Last week we had quite a volatile markets and quite a few new historical markets events such as the highest rise in the Dow Jones in one day. This affects the markets, trading and possibly data feed. However, you are a simulated account that could experience a different level of latency, spikes, and gaps because in our opinion it is sitting on a different server that may not have the same redundancy level that the production server (for live futures traders) may have. We did not have reports from live traders about any lack of fills on limit orders.
Again, I appreciate that you have brought it to our attention.

Thnak you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures
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Thank you for your response.
I did reach out to some traders who did not have any issues with OEC in the live environment during the times I had demo issues so clearly it was only a demo server glitch on my end. I will keep testing the OEC platform. Thanks for your help.

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