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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - Datafeed seems to beat TD Ameritrade's market DOM data


As I am testing OEC Trader platform against other platforms including TD Ameritrade
which I am using for live trading, I couldn’t help but notice that OEC’s data feed is much faster
then TDA’s.
I understand that although TDA is a great full retail broker, their data feed and quotes are lagging
dramatically next to OEC’. I was comparing both DOM’s using all major stock indices and during
very fast market conditions the speed difference is harder to catch with an naked eye but I realized that during the after hours / night session when the volume and trading activity slows down, one can observe how much faster the quotes tend to update on the DOM with OEC.

I was able to notice a visual lag of up to 1 full second between OEC and TDA. That is a massive difference
when it comes to potential fills. I think it may have to do with the fact the TDA (so I read) bundles market data and pushes out packets of trades where is OEC may be providing clean and unfiltered data. Am I correct?

Just wanted to mention it as I am more and more liking the speed and the functionality of OEC’s product.

Any inputs would be well received.

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@Project11 Thank you for your comparison and observation. Although we can not comment on our competitor’s latency and data, we can say that we regularly come across providers that bundle their data. In our opinion: To have unfiltered data from the exchange you must have two things:

  1. The ability to process the data that comes from the Futures exchanges without enough processing power not affecting your software functionality.
  2. Like all software, you rely on a good source code that can deliver unfiltered data.

The choice of whether to provide or not to provide filtered or unfiltered data depends on the end user of the software/Futures brokerage. If the end users are long-term Futures traders, hedgers or need quotes than the software/brokerage may not feel the need to provide unfiltered data that may entail additional costs. Additionally, If the Futures business is a complementary business to Equities, Equity Options, ETFs, Mutual Funds, etc. Then the company may not feel the need to upgrade its data/services. Again, this our opinion, and intuition based on the industry.

Since Optimus Futures primary business is self-directed Futures traders, we work with providers who work with unfiltered data whether Rithmic, CQG or OEC Data.

Again, Thank you for your feedback, and we appreciate your contributions on this support board.
Matt Z
Optimus Futures
800 771-6748
561 367-8686


Thanks Matt,
I wasn’t really speaking negatively of TD Ameritrade and their TOS program.
I still use them and for some things, like options trading, certain back testing and
their mobile app is still very solid, but again when it comes to a more granular
sub-second (milliseconds time frames), although maybe not as important for
position and swing traders, with active intra-day orders it may play an important
role after 1000’s of trades per month when it comes to fills and potential slippage.
That is why I appreciate the variety of technology when it comes to data feed, execution
and FCM options you guys offer.
Thanks again!


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