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Gain Trader (OEC Trader) - DDE Add-in spreadsheet


I was able to obtain this OEC Trader excel spreadsheet to be used but not sure
what is my account number since I am running a DEMO account with OEC.
Is it possible to use an OEC Demo to actively test the DDE functionality?

What should I type in for Username: and Password: on the spreadsheet?

Thank you,

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After careful examination of the email regarding OEC Trader I was able to establish
that the demo account is DEMO***** and is separate from the password which also had the word DEMO****
and hence it was confusing.

After following @Mod-JakeM detailed information on the OEC Trader and Excel add-in steps,
I was able to fully connect to real time OEC Trader quotes and account positions.

I am now fully connected and able to send, receive and monitor everything from OEC Trader in real time in excel spreadsheet!

Thanks a lot Jake!


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It is possible to use an OEC demo to actively test DDE functionality. Excel trading and DDE function exactly the same between a live account and demo account on OEC Trader.

For the Username field, this would be the Username you use to login to OEC trader.

For Account, you can find this by glancing at the top right corner of OEC Trader or by opening the Account Summary page. The account name should be along the lines of DEMO******. Take a look at the screenshot below for where to locate your account name:

Simply just type in the Username and account name in the corresponding fields and you should be good to go!

Hope this helps,
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks a lot Jake.

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